Linear and nonlinear aeroservoelasticity


Set-up for nonlinear airfoil test.

  1. Typical section and aircraft flutter prediction
  2. Individual helicopter blade control of aeroelastic vibrations
  3. Hopf bifurcation in airfoils with structural nonlinearities in transonic regime
  4. Time series analysis to assess nonlinear behavior in aeroelastic signals
  5. Structural nonlinearities in typical sections: experimental and numerical investigations
  6. Stall-induced vibrations in airfoils
  7. Wind turbine rotor modeling and aeroelastic analysis

Smart aeroelastic structures


Smart beam

  1. Finite element beam and plate models for piezoelectric materials
  2. Aeroelastic fuzzy control with piezoelectric actuators
  3. Variable rheology fluids for active damping in aeroelastic control
  4. Piezo-fiber composites modeling and application in aeroelastic control
  5. Active composite and panel flutter suppression.

Modal analysis and identification


Modal test with aircraft wing.

  1. Identification using Eigensystem Realization Algorithm (ERA) and Extended ERA for flutter assessment
  2. Modal test in scaled aircraft (GVT)
  3. Neural networks for aeroelastic response identification



Morphing wings


Morphing transonic airfoil simulation.

  1. Flutter control of variable camber typical sections
  2. Aeroelastic analysis of variable camber in transonic regime




MDO with aeroelastic constraints

  1. MDO_1Neural network flutter metamodeling for conceptual aircraft design
  2. Genetic algorithm for conceptual design with aeroelastic constraints